A Full Suite of first-class BDSM Play equipment

Primary Chambers

London Dungeon Suite

The Primary Chambers are fully equipped with state-of-the-art BDSM furniture

 Including Bondage Chair, Bondage Stool, Ladder Back Chair, St Andrews Cross, Whipping Bench, Vac Bed, Full Length Cage/Rack and Silver/Black Rococo Throne.

There is also a wide array of restraints, medical and corporal punishment toys, toilet boxes and much more – including a new chest of drawers containing ropes, PVC sheets, wigs, make up and knickers & panties for cross-dressers. 


Please note that certain pieces of specialty equipment require pre-booking and a fee of £50 applies.

  • F-machine Fee may apply.
  • Queening Stool
  • Range of Dildos and Butt-Plugs from Babes-n-Horny
  • 2 * Fetters Bondage Chair
  • Fetters St Andrews Cross
  • Fetters Whipping Bench
  • E-Stim -Cock, Nipple Clamp, Pinwheel, and Urethra attachments, with Remote (for experienced players, Fee may apply.)
  • Strap-ons – Large and Supersize!
  • Shoes – Platforms and Stilettoes
  • Chastity Device – CB6000
  • Fetters Stocks
  • Venus 2000 (milking machine) Fee may apply.
  • Pro nova 100 (sensory deprivation)
  • large collection of canes and whips
  • Cock Pump, Cock Rings, Cock/Balls Parachute
  • Pinwheel, Scissors, Hair Brush, Boxing Gloves
  • Whips – Leather and Nylon
  • Floggers – Suede, Acrylic, Elastic and Hair
  • Ropes – Large and Small
  • Paddles – Leather and Wooden
  • Canes – Wooden and Perspex
  • Cuffs – Leather, Wrist, Leg, Finger, Waist Harness and Leg Spreader
  • Collars – Leather
  • Gags – Ball, Medical, Dildo, Funnel and Head Harness
  • Blindfolds – Leather, Masks and Hoods
  • Hitachi wand – with Love Seat and Remote
  • Butt Plugs, Anal Hook, and Anal Tear
  • Toilet Box – Standard, and with Head Lock and Wrist Cuffs (not for the faint-hearted!)
  • Clamps – Nipple, with Weights, Clover, Tweezer
  • Flesh-Light Fake Pussy
  • Enema Bottles
  • Toilet brush gag
  • Disinfectant, First Aid Box, Gloves, Condoms, Lube, Dettol Wipe