Exploring the Spectrum of Submission: 9 Distinct Types

I have devoted nearly 18 years to my role as a lifestyle and professional dominatrix—yes, you heard that correctly. Throughout this time, I’ve engaged with a diverse array of submissives, spanning genders and backgrounds, both in a professional capacity and on a personal level. Through these experiences, I’ve identified nine distinct types of submissives. Care to discover which category you fall into?

  1. The Unconventional Pleasure-Seeker
    • Not drawn to servitude or relinquishing control, this masochist finds satisfaction in pain and sensuality on their terms.
  2. Role-Playing Enthusiast
    • Not inclined to play the role of a slave, but engages in other submissive scenarios with a preference for dictating the scenes.
  3. Scene-Setting Play Slave
    • Enjoys the play of being a slave, feels subservient, and may indulge in serving the dominant but strictly on their own terms.
  4. True Submissive Essence
    • Temporarily surrenders control for the thrill of submission, finding satisfaction in vulnerability and suspense without dictating the scene.
  5. True Submissive Play Slave
    • Relinquishes control for fun and erotic purposes, finding pleasure in serving the dominant with limited requirements or restrictions.
  6. Uncommitted Yet Dedicated Semi-Slave
    • Offers control within limits, serving the dominant both practically and erotically but maintains the freedom to quit at any time.
  7. Part-Time Devoted Consensual Slave
    • Commits to an owner/slave relationship, regarding oneself as property, and prioritizes the dominant’s needs in all aspects of life.
  8. Full-Time Live-In Consensual Slave
    • Exists solely for the pleasure and well-being of the Dom(me), expecting to be regarded as a prized possession within clearly defined limits.
  9. The Ultimate Fantasy: Consensual Total Slave
    • An elusive fantasy where limits do not exist; however, practicality suggests such an arrangement may only exist in authoritarian or non-consensual settings.

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